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The GTX 780 TI.

GTX 780 TI Rumors are true! It's almost like those pants don't make him look nerdy... Well isn't this just AWESOME. A c...
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A new short series to come: Programming Progress!

Programming Progress Hey everyone let's just delve into it, Programming Progress is a new series I decided I'm going to embar...
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AMD's R9 series graphics cards.

AMD in the Game.         'Tis the season for new graphics cards and cold weather! Well maybe not considering the GTX 7 series came out...
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3 Reasons you should probably upgrade your computer.

If everyone had their way, we'd all be running the extreme edition of the Ivy Bridge processors with 50 Petabytes of RAM and a Lambor...
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A Preview of: Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn

A Preview of: Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn   Intro : Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn is a remake of the 14th installment of the Final ...
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The Intermission is OVER! And another tech Author!

Techometer is back with the daily Tech! We've got Golden PCB boards now, be jealous. Welcome Back So after a week and a half hi...
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Haswell vs Ivy and the battle of the graphics cards!

GK110 and GK104 duke it out! Don't you wish your monitor was "tri" like me. Intro With Haswell's launch being d...
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Guide: RAM, your computers short term memory.

Random Accessed Memory   What is RAM? Ram is an acronym for random(ly) access(ed) memory, a sort of computer memory that could be a...
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Three tips for successful online blogging.

Successful online blogging! Blogging and online sharing has been around for a long time now, and with advances in content management sy...
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nVidia GTX 770 too competitive for AMD?

The GTX 770 is crushing it!   Oh yes it is. Ahhh There's competition in the air between nVidia and AMD. The GTX 770 relea...
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iPhone 5s brags about new camera

iPhone 5s new camera Man that's pretty. Word is out that the iPhone 5s is coming out, and it's going to be an insane ...
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Why you should switch to water-cooling

Water-Cooling Water cooling is obviously maintaining proper computing temperatures through cool water. Personally I believe this is the e...
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