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4k Resolution

4K resolution, a deeper look

Resolution is so under appreciated in today's technological consumer market, and many people take it for granted. But why? Why do people pass over resolution stats for complete raw power? They say the human eye can see 80GBs worth of data in a single frame at any given moment. A computer can only display about 4GB-6GB. We're advancing fast, and I bet if I surveyed my community only 30% would know what 4K actually related to.

"What is 4k?" "Uhhh.... the amount of bonus in your salary?"
4k is indeed the next step, up from 720p, 1080p, 1440p, but it is definitely not the most advanced step. 8K resolution is double what 4K is, and offers a stunning amount of definition to TV's. Of course 4K is defined in terms of resolution differently then the other's. It's measured by the amount of pixels displayed horizontally.

The first issue I'd like to note is price. You'll notice in the picture below that you can't find a single monitor under $3,000. This technology is so fresh that either one of two things are keeping the prices inflated.

  1. Manufacturing process is still a very expensive process currently.
  2. The market is very very small.

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Practical Uses

Currently, the only practical use for a 4K Monitor/TV/Projector/Whatever is if you have money and you have absolutely no clue what to do with it. With those prices, it's very difficult to find the value in having an extremely high resolution monitor/TV.

How does this affect gaming resolution?

Alright if you're actually considering buying three 4K monitors for surround gaming, or even one monitor for gaming, then you need to donate at least 5 dollars to this page right now (Just kidding it's entirely optional). But in all seriousness let me break down the price for you to run this setup for gaming.

  • 4K Monitor $3k (times three if you want to run surround)
  • AMD HD 7970 $499 at LEAST (times three if you want to run surround)
  • GTX Titan $1000 (times two if you want to run surround)
If you do get this setup, I'd appreciate you sending me a video of some games just to see how smoothly it runs and how much detail goes into the resolution. However, be prepared to spend at least 2-3 grand on hardware alone.

How does this affect TV?

First of all, if you're thinking of buying a 4K resolution TV, congratulations. I had the pleasure of being graced by a 4K resolution television when I was walking into frys one day. The video that was being displayed was a tour of a bowl of fruit (I don't know why either). That was probably the most beautiful piece of fruit I've seen on a television screen in a while. They zoomed in on a strawberry and I was able to see the hairs on the strawberry clear as day. The definition was absolutely astonishing, if you haven't seen one then I highly recommend finding a demo in a place near you.

New car? or 4K resolution television.
See those prices? Those are absolutely insane. That is decent used car pricing territory, and some of those are priced as high as a brand new BMW 5 series.


There is no media playback for 4K. Meaning if you were to buy a movie in 4K and wanted to play it on your blu-ray player, chances are you wouldn't be able to. However there are a limited amount of blu ray players that are actually able to do this. For streaming on the internet, youtube actually has the availability of offering 4K streaming. However, the extra bandwidth might prove to stressful for most connections to display them at comfortable rates.

Final Thoughts

So for the average user, is the 4K resolution worth it? Absolutely not. If you plan on buying a TV bigger than 80 inches and you actually have the cash to spend, then yes 4K is probably there resolution you want to be at. But 1080p will look great up to 80 inches, and 80 inches is plenty humongous. 4K is mainly targeted at those who would like a home theater type of setup. In modern computers we're still amazed with the absolute definition we can pull from a 1440p monitor.

Until prices drop you shouldn't see too many 4K resolution TV's or monitors being put out. I suspect that buy 2016 all infrastructure of most technology will be changed to accommodate such advancements as 4K

Okay, but can you drive it to work?