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nVidia GTX 770 too competitive for AMD?

The GTX 770 is crushing it!


Oh yes it is.

Ahhh There's competition in the air between nVidia and AMD. The GTX 770 release has proved to be putting the pressure on AMD. Surprisingly, the GTX 780 is the only GPU that has the same processor as the Titan, the GK110. Of course it's a variation of the GK110 that provides less Compute performance, but nonetheless this is a godsend for gamers. Anyway, the GTX 780 is priced at $650. Yes that's a very high premium to pay even for the highest end graphics card, but no worries because enter the GTX 770.


tests from the no-nonsense devotee locales Anandtech and Hardocp indicate that the Gtx 770, for sure, has an exceptionally slight exhibition edge over the Gtx 680, a clear lead throughout the 6 series card, and exchanges shots with Amd's leader Radeon Hd 7970 Ghz Edition representation cards.  The GTX 7970 GHZ edition is an absolutely phenomenal end-user card. With benchmarks that compete against the old 680, you can now purchase a GTX 770 and be very close in performance to a 7970ghz/GTX 680.

AMD, what are you going to do?

Honestly, what this means for AMD is innovation. They need to produce a graphics card that either blows away performance in most aspects of gaming compared to the GTX 770, and on top of that price it extremely low. AMD Doesn't have a choice except to price at an extremely competitive rate simply because that's what they are known for, graphics cards wise as well as processor sales. They are known as the "for budget" company, and with a reputation like that it's hard to price higher, even with a higher end product. 

An 8-core processor for about $170 just screams budget.

If they do however come up with an item that outperforms the GTX 770, it'll be an absolute field day for AMD. The nVidia fanboys will hang their heads in shame when they can't deny the absolute raw performance of a new, better card.

Final Thoughts

The HD 7970 GHZ Edition by AMD was an absolutely fierce competitor in terms of computing power. What the 7970 did for AMD was set a bar very high for their higher-end graphics cards. Unfortunately for AMD, nVidia's release of the 7 series graphics cards couldn't be more perfect. AMD stated it won't be until the end of the year until they have another graphics competitor similar to the HD 7970. What that means is a price competition between the HD 7970 Ghz edition and the GTX 770. Meanwhile AMD has nothing to compete in the upper tier of graphics. 

With AMD competing fiercely in prices, the main competition for them is now indeed the GTX 770. With their game deal bundles they will certainly garner attention from users aiming to play specific games, but how long will they last until the nVidia increases performance on the 770 by increasing driver performance?

Only time will tell.