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Guide: RAM, your computers short term memory.

Random Accessed Memory

Introduction Picture of RAM by Corsair


What is RAM?

Ram is an acronym for random(ly) access(ed) memory, a sort of computer memory that could be accessed arbitrarily; any byte of memory could be seeked without touching the former bytes. RAM is the most well-known and used sort of memory in Pcs and in different units, printers for example.

There are two distinctive sorts of Ram:
  • DRAM (Dynamic RAM)
  • SRAM (Static RAM)
The two units of RAM vary in the innovation and way they use to hold information, with DRAM being the more commonly used type. In regards to speed, SRAM is quicker. DRAM must be reinstated many times each second while SRAM does not have to, this is the reason that makes SRAM speedier than DRAM.

DRAM pins access times of in the vicinity of 60 nanoseconds, SRAM can give access times as  as 10 nanoseconds. albeit SRAM is quicker to execute read times, its not as normally utilized as DRAM on the grounds that its so significantly more expensive.

 RAM is indeed referred to as volatile, this doesn't mean it's violent. It does mean, however, that once power is not being received by the modules, all memory stored is lost and unrecoverable. Unlike hard drives which are indeed volatile memory.


RAM comes in a lot of speeds, and when I say a lot I mean more speeds then Paris Hilton has STDs. (Probably true, RAM comes in about 7 speeds or so depending on the type). 

A showcase of RAM from G.skill to show variation
The power rangers of RAM
  • 1333Mhz
  • 1600Mhz
  • 1866Mhz
  • 2033Mhz

Speeds go even higher than this, but after 2033Mhz RAM speeds really aren't a big factor in performance anymore. RAM comes in cycles of DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3. The differences in these three types are voltage, timings, and frequencies.

  1. DDR 1: Highest voltage,  Lowest timings(Lower is better), lowest frequency and 184 pins
  2. DDR 2: Medium voltage, Medium timings, medium frequency. and 240 pins
  3. DDR 3: Lowest voltage, Highest(slow) timings, highest frequency. and 240 pins

A picture explaining where the key notch is in DDR2 and DDR3
In a nutshell. Besides, why would you want DDR2? get a grip.

At this point you're probably saying, "Oh sweet, I'll just buy DDR2 and put it in my DDR3 motherboard and save some cash". Although they have the same pins the key notch is place in a different area, therefore making it incompatible. Picture to the right will give you a better idea of what I mean.



Benefits of having better memory

Since most people in this world have no idea what RAM is or what it does this is an excellent time to explain why having faster memory will save you. Essentially, memory is the facilitator to your computers brain: the processor. Memory allows the processor to save what it's doing in seconds, or unload what it should do next.

Upgrading RAM is also one of the easiest tasks and I'll outline the process here

  1. Open computer case.
  2. locate the processor, the RAM slots or DIMM slots are located at the right or left
  3. Once located, find the white or black hinges at the ends of the DIMM Slots.
  4. Ensure that these are in the unlocked position on the selected RAM you'd like to remove
  5. Grab RAM module and place on anti static material
  6. Gently fit in new RAM module and press down on opposite ends until you hear a click.
  7. Turn on computer and make sure it is recognized

A show of performance RAM
Performance memory from G.Skill, look at that spikey hair

Ram in a sandy bridge system
Can you feel the RAW POWER?!

If you're gaming

Faster memory for gaming is an increase in FPS, it may not be much FPS but it will make the game run smoother. Memory on the Video card is more pertinent in this matter. However, if you're a gamer you probably use the ALT-TAB function a lot and if so then RAM will increase the speeds you reach your desktop. An increase in RAM may also help load times if the RAM is able to act as a cache for the hard drive which some do have this function.

If you're browsing

If you just browse the internet and you've found your computer to be a little slow for you're liking then I've got the solution! Of course it's upgrade your RAM. Today software evolves a lot faster than hardware can keep up. This is why users have frustration over slow computers mostly because software is demanding higher-end computers.

My suggestion of RAM

Okay, so there are a lot of different manufacturers of RAM and then one I fell in love with at first was named Corsair. My friend Cary introduced me to the brand, god bless his soul. So of course I would suggest Corsair to the first person who asks me but here is a list of other great manufacturers.

  • Corsair
  • Mushkin
  • G.Skill
  • Patriot
  • Kingston
  • Crucial

These are the guaranteed companies that will give you a good bang for your buck. Or if you have more buck, it'll give you insane bang.