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Xbox One is it worth it really?

Xbox One and Microsoft

Microsoft is heading down the tubes fast 

You guys have probably heard all this gibberish and white noise about the Xbox one and the Playstation 4. Well the two giant technology firms behind them (Sony and Microsoft) went head to head at E3 today trying to show customers what they've got in store for them

It was like this, if this Sony person had a sword in his hand and the Microsoft guy had a bagel.
It was an absolute mess for Microsoft, their PR, and all microsoft fans. A demonstration of Killer Instinct (an Xbox one event) went completely awry after one of the contenders made a subtle rape joke about his female opponent.

"I can't even block correctly, and you're too fast," she says.
"Here we go. Just let it happen. It'll be over soon," he says.

I hate this game.

Can you believe that? Wow I would sure hate to be the PR department for Microsoft right now, because then I'd actually have to do work to earn money. Meanwhile at E3 the gentlemen who made the rape joke is probably being yelled at profusely by Bill Gates himself. If he isn't then he got off really really easy.

Social media caught on fast with people posting statuses and tweets about the rape joke saying it's disgusting and referring to the gaming world as misogynistic. Well the gaming world is a little misogynistic because it's mostly dominated by males so they have you there.

That's not the only reason Microsoft is the subject of so much hate in the console community. The Xbox one starts the era of humongous radical change in gaming. Microsoft is heading a little towards taking away discs. Oh did I say just discs? Here's a few more objectives on their list taken from CBS News.

  • Users must have the Xbox One connected to a broadband Internet connection. No connection, no gaming.
  • People must log in at least once every 24 hours to be able to play games.
  • Game publishers could prohibit lending or giving away games, even though people have paid for them.
  • Users could be forced to go through an authorized retailer to sell a game disc or give it away.
  • Game rentals won't be supported, at least when the new Xbox launches.
  • Privacy concerns mount about significant amounts of private data, including photos, videos, facial expressions, even heart rate.

Jeez Microsoft... way to run a dictatorship-like console experience.  That's more maintenance to keep up an Xbox one than it is to start a rocket ship. Tack on that it also comes at a hefty price and what you have here is a formula to repel gamers from your product. PS4 is looking pretty damn swanky right now isn't it?

Sorry Master chief.... looks like there's going to be a lot less people saving Halo

So when a technological giant such as Microsoft produces some radical change to a product and the consumers don't like it you can hope they consider change right? Well according to this article, Adam Orth, an executive at Microsoft studios told the community to "deal with it". Wow, you've got to be pretty ballsy to essentially tell your fans to piss off. It's really uncharacteristic for Microsoft to behave this way. It almost feels like for them, the customer comes second while pushing their dictatorship agenda comes first.

Console lovers love consoles (lol) because it gives them the freedom to play games even when they don't want to be online. Sometimes you just don't want your friends bugging the absolute hell out of you when you're trying to kill a massive hoard of zombies, or flood, or ponies, or whatever you guys slay in your downtime. Msoft seems to be loosing this in their heads and replacing it with their own type of mechanism. Unfortunately for them, the consumer is always right. However, people will buy the Xbox one anyway, because there are still people who don't read the news out there.

Here's a video of the Killer Instinct demonstration:

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