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A look at the nVidia SHIELD.

nVidia shield, the handheld console

The Shield!

If you were at E3 with a SHIELD shirt then maybe you got one of these for free. If you weren't, then join the sad club because I really really wish I was there with a SHIELD shirt. However, if you haven't heard of the SHIELD then go ahead and keep living under that rock you stud you. Anyway, the shield is a new gaming platform proposed by nVidia that operates on the Android platform.

Google and nVidia teamed up to create this crazy concoction and god knows why. In my personal opinion, the handheld gaming market is a dying breed whose target demographic is children around the age of 10.

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The demographic has exceptions, alright...
Let's roll back here and let me ask you a few questions. When was the last time you or a friend of yours was super excited for the next gameboy to come out (Assuming you're over 18)? Exactly, if anything the only acceptable handheld gaming utility is the PSVita because it's essentially a PS3 in your hand. 

The answer is probably not
Definitely not trying to discredit nVidia or Google at all. I believe their efforts to give us a manly handheld gaming console is actually pretty awesome, but can you imagine being in public and holding this giant flippable gaming console?

So then the niche of this handheld gaming console would be if you're going on extremely lengthy journey's and you get bored sometimes. Because what's the point of playing these games at home if you have a computer sitting right at your room, or a console in the living room? What is the point?

Regardless of common sense and convenience, we'll never know how the final product is until the reviews come out. But I'll tell you by the looks of it, this thing will be very powerful. Products that come from nVidia usualy end up this way.


Custom 72-core NVIDIA GeForce® GPU Quad-core ARM® A15 CPU.


 Multi-touch Display
5-inch 720p retinal quality multi-touch display for high-fidelity visuals.


Ultimate control and precision with a console-grade game controller.

 Pure Android
Stocked with the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system from Google, SHIELD provides access to your favorite Android applications and games.


Wi-Fi Connectivity
802.11n 2x2 MIMO game-speed Wi-Fi provides high-bandwidth, ultra-fast wireless for seamless game streaming.


Integrated Speakers
Custom, bass reflex, tuned port audio system delivers fidelity and range never before experienced on a handheld device.

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Notable Mention

Despite all my ranting on convenience, I've actually found a really really cool feature that is pretty much the main reason I want one. The PlayPC feature.

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. How cool would it be to come home from work, grab your shield and start gaming LIKE IT'S NOT EVEN A BIG DEAL. I haven't told you this about myself but I am a medium-core PC gamer, I am however a very big enthusiast so this for me is like being given a cake you can eat from far away.

I mean look at that guy go, he's just playing Borderlands 2 on his computer... with a controller. Let me give you another scenario where that's incredibly awesome.

Monologue in my head:
"Oh man... this boss fight is coming up pretty soon but I have to take a massive dump. Oh wait, I'm playing on the nVidia shield. I'll just take this controller into the bathroom and play."
*Sister walks into room*

Of course that would be the absolute prime situation.

Final Thoughts

Other than the PlayPC  I'm not really sold on this product. Not to mention the steep steep price of $350. But go ahead and ask me if I'd pay $350 just to have this thing as a wireless controller for my computer.

"Ritter, would you buy the SHIELD for a wireless controller for your computer?"

THANK YOU FOR ASKING RANDOM READER. Yes I would buy this for my computer. The thing about technology that it has the ability to grow. Picture an upside down parabola, that's pretty much a chart of time vs how great the technology is. As time goes on (and drivers get better) the piece of technology becomes more effective, but then the new piece of technology comes out that renders the old one useless. I believe the shield will have a long lifespan as a useful piece simply because it's extremely versatile. All-in-all, the shield seems like a worthwhile endeavor, and while I don't understand it completely the success of this product is still up in the air!

Thanks for reading!