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A new Galaxy S4? Samsung you're crazy.

Another Galaxy S4

New S4

See, this is what I like to see. A Samsung saw that the HTC One was a really really good phone, and promptly decided to STEP UP THEIR GAME. It's awesome because they claim this new S4 is actually double the with predecessor is. This phone isn't even out yet, but this is no rumor, there are Samsung officials stating that a release for this phone will be out in South Korea soon.

It'll probably look exactly the same.. but on the inside be completely different.
So one has to question the motive as to why Samsung wants to make another Samsung S4 instead of an S5. I believe that they just wanted to get their new technology out. Since the new S4 will use an LTE Advanced network, users will be able to move data much faster. I read somewhere that people will be able to download movies in three minutes. I don't know how fast this network is going to be... But if you can download full movies in three minutes we should just drop our ISPs now and just stream our network on our phone.

Yes, This is happening. Tethering at the max.
So how about the pricing? Phones like this come at a premium, and people don't like to pay those premiums. And considering the new technology in the phone, you know they're going to charge something around the usual 400 for a phone like that.

Pricing aside let's talk about Samsung and the 4G network. Samsung wants to corner the 4G market. Simple and to the point. Why else would they release a different version of the same phone that's been out for a long time.

Samsung executive J.K. Shin said that Samsung would be the first with the commercial launch of the new 4G network. That's pretty exciting for those who use their phones mainly as a computer. I'm assuming most people do...

Regardless, we will see how this new phone fairs. If it truly does perform at the speeds that Samsung says then kudos to Samsung!