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An electric father's day!

Fathers day electronic sales

Hooray for fathers!

Hey hey hey, it's almost fathers day, and you know what they say. "Oh crap oh crap oh man oh man, what do I get for my dad, panic mode is on right now". Well since you're browsing a technology website and I'm the author I'll help you out a little bit.

Honestly who doesn't love electronics, everything from Android phones to the iPad can be used by anyone and everyone. So what hot deals are out there for technology right now? Well I'll tell you exactly what's out there


Newegg is having pretty good deals on a bunch of core components. Even the new Haswell architecture is up for sale. If you were planning on building your pops a computer This would probably be the best time to do it. Haswell came out around 2 to 3 weeks ago, and for it to go on sale immediately like that is rare. I recommend checking Microcenter to see if they have any deals as well. (Microcenter usually has Processors priced extremely lower than any other competitor, although it is unlikely that they have a deal it's still likely that their processors are cheapaer)

Can be found here
Now newegg is hosting a cavalcade of other items that can be extremely useful to anyone, and when I say cavalcade I mean it. Take a look, you could essentially build an entire discount computer.

Need some nice fresh electricity for your computer? Newegg has got 450w power supplies for under $20. That's impressive, although it is mail-in-rebate, just remember to do the rebate (My bane is rebates). 


Tiger direct is having multiple deals. They have an Overstock deal and a spring cleaning deal. 

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Click here to check this out. Those are pretty big pricing slashes.

If you're looking to buy your dad a laptop it looks like TigerDirect would be the way to go. The combination of being overstocked on a holiday is making them desperate to move items.

If you're dad is an avid overclocker then 1. He neeeds to check out this link. and 2. he needs to to check back at newegg for the Hyper 212 EVO that's on sale right now.

If you want to get your dad a tablet then you should be looking at Amazon right now because I see some really good ones on Amazon often. Wow, getting our dads electronics at this price will probably make them happy. Can you feel the electricity already? 

Here's a list of some other good sites to check

That last one is if you want to BBQ with your dad on father's day. I think most dads love to grill, it's time spent with the family and they get to cook meat. Who doesn't love meat? (Sorry if you're a vegetarian). Anyway, the last link is for BBQ grills just in case your dad wanted to celebrate his new iPad/tablet/computer/electricity using object in the backyard or something.

Hope you guys have a Happy Father's day! And if you are a father, keep being awesome.