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Ever wonder why your shipments from China arrive broken?

Why China.. Why?

Let me start this off by saying how much everyone loves to shop online. The market for online shopping has grown only exponentially since it started. I'd also like to state that people love to buy fake things. Fake rings, fake clothes, fake handbags, fake just about anything. Some of those things are fragile and some aren't but nevertheless you'd expect it to be treated with even a little decency, right?

Doing it right

I get some Chinese viewers on this site, and I love you guys, you're truly awesome. But you should probably tell your air freight handlers to maybe handle the packages we order with a little care. If this is how American air freight workers treated packages I'd be absolutely pissed. Anyway, I've left you guys in suspense for much too long, without further adieu: an air freight worker making work harder on himself for no reason. What do you guys think of it? Post your thoughts on the comment section below!

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