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Welcome to Tech-o-Meter! This is Genesis.

What is this blog about?

Welcome! This is tech-o-meter (Techometer), a blog dedicated to the unbiased review/opinion/critique of technology both old and new! If you share a passion for technology, or maybe the fresh smell of new PCB from a component then this is definitely a home for you. Everyone wants to know what technology is coming out and when, or what the average consumer should buy for the best performance per dollar and here is exactly where you'll find it. 
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Introduction of the author.

Let's start with introductions, shall we? I know most people are visual learners so below is a picture of myself (middle), my girlfriend (left), and one of my best friends (right)

Not a very flattering picture, (alcohol was involved)

My name is Ritter Gustave, I was born in Bern, Switzerland and raised slightly in Geneva. When I was young I had a passion for how objects worked and was fascinated with simple mechanisms even as a little boy. I moved to America around age 4 or so (That's sad, I don't remember) and grew up the son of an engineer and a nurse.

My passion for computers started around age 7 when my dad introduced me to windows  95, I was so interested in how this computer in front of me was able to take my commands and output what I wanted it was absolutely mind blowing for a 7 year old to think like this considering most of my friends just wanted to go outside and play, but I was so ecstatic to see what the computer could do.

I actually learned more about computer performance from gaming, I had a pretty shoddy computer for gaming when I was younger and wanted to upgrade so I essentially researched everything about computers. I became so wound up in it I fell in love and actually wanted to pursue computers as a career! I'm currently going through college to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering. I've been studying computers and computer parts now for about 11 years and continue to develop ideas for new ways to achieve performance.

This blog will help me get ideas out, inspire new people, review/rate/critique technology that either needs "work" or praise those that are exceptionally brilliant. Better yet, I will be able to inform the viewers that visit this blog about what I love, technology! I also tend to add in comedic effect in reviews so this won't be a boring "Facts-only" tech review. We'll have fun.

So cheers to us! Let's get this started!

Please don't drink and compute, save lives.

-Ritter Gustave