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I wonder if Samsung and Apple ever take a break from suing each other.

Lawsuits Galore

Who hasn't known that Apple and Samsung have been down each others throats? It's like a bloodbath in the courtroom with lawsuits after lawsuits. Their legal expenses probably cost more than most houses. This is an especially disappointing fight for Samsung due to many losses in the courtroom. Make no mistake, Apple has suffered great losses too but the media does a really good job of portraying Apple as the victor.
Apple's lawyers
Samsung's lawyers

All those devices!?!?!

According to an article you can find here, Samsung gained a cease an desist for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad 2. Can you imagine making thousands of $400-$600 products only to have a rival company slap you with a "Yeah we're going to need you to not import those into the U.S. because we said so."? That's a lot of revenue.. and better yet, if it didn't get appealed then what were they going to do with all those phones and iPads.

Thanks Bill Lumbergh, sticking it to Apple since.. whenever that movie came out.


I know this blog is supposed to be unbiased and it definitely is, if a product is designed brilliantly then I will definitely praise it. But, Apple has never been my favorite tech company (He said as he types this on an old Mac laptop). I've read about the inside operations of Apple and kudos to Steve Jobs, it is a tightly knit well-oiled machine. It's a shame working there is probably about the same pleasure of hitting your head against the wall repeatedly. Never-the-less Apple does have competition and Samsung may be an obvious foe like some may see immediately, but a lot of people forget that Apple has it's very own operating system: OS X.

Android is the main competitor here. And anything that threatens Apple must go. In fact I'm thoroughly convinced the only reason Apple isn't going after Microsoft more is because Microsoft was under better leadership and Apple really couldn't get to them. No matter, Android is the operating system from Google, another big competitor of Apple. Apple doesn't play friendly with any of these companies, it's like they're that weird person in your group of friends that randomly snaps and kills everyone in the office.

Final Thoughts

Everyone who knows anything about technology knows about the polar opposite companies. For example; Intel vs AMD, Nvidia vs Radeon, Microsoft vs Apple. So why is it that for Apple it's "Apple vs Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Environmentalists etc etc"? Apple is a great company that does produce some of the best product in the world, but they pass lawsuits faster then a grandma that accidentally pours hot coffee on herself at McDonalds. It's just unnecessary, although the same could be said for samsung.

Damnit! Who made this coffee and why isn't it idiot proof?