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iPhone 5s brags about new camera

iPhone 5s new camera

picture of concept of iPhone 5s
Man that's pretty.

Word is out that the iPhone 5s is coming out, and it's going to be an insane competitor in terms of camera. See, I'm not old at all, but I think modern technology is absolutely hilarious, which is party why I've made this site about humor and technology. In 1990 through 2000 we wanted phones that got great quality phone calls and wanted carriers that had excellent service. In 2004-2006 we were obsessed with the flip phones by Motorola, I remember turning to my friend (Who is really quite wealthy so he had all the latest technology at the time) and telling him 

"Wow, that's a really cool phone. It can flip and be functional that's amazing I need one."

Then freshman year of high school the first iPhone came out and everyone lost their mind. People were walking around playing games, taking pictures, listening to music. Now in 2013 Apple comes out with the 5s and puts up media about the just the camera and everyone loses their minds.

iPhone 5 Camera comparison
"Sweet, this is going on facebook"

Apparently the iPhone 5s has an amazing camera which will blow users away. Phones these days have so many functions that having a good Camera is absolutely essential. The market for phone camera quality is so razor sharp that only the leading edge technology will suffice. The iPhone 5s is praised highly, but will it compare?

iPhone 5s concept picture
Wait... I've seen this before...

Let me tell you first how I really hope the iPhone 5s doesn't look like that. It looks like the HTC One and again, I really hope Apple isn't releasing something that looks like that.

Apart from the looks it seems as if the camera will be extremely competitive. Then again, judging by the iPhone 5 improvement may seem to be absolutely essential. The iPhone 5 only boasted an 8MP camera while the S4 had a 13MP camera. With these news coming out you know Samsung is going to do something insane to compete with the iPhone 5s. In spite of the fact that more megapixels is a less weighty spec in present times, Samsung will undoubtedly press on to be forceful with optics. 

The bigger focus is that a cell phone is the main camera for a ton of individuals. Thus, any telephone producer that turns out with substantially better photography tech will get a considerable measure of consideration and influence purchasers.