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The world's fastest computer ! (currently)

China builds the worlds fastest computer!

 China has done it! They've surpassed the previous super computer (the Titan) which was hosted in the United States, and come up with a new bad boy: The Tianhe-2. I really wish I knew what that meant in Chinese so I could tell you guys, but if it makes you feel better it probably just means "We win".

picture of the Chinese government included in article to joke about chinese supercomputer
The after party doesn't look too fun.
The average user uses his computer for gaming, or working online, or media and entertainment. We use super computers for serious tasks. Weather forecasting, predicting movements of hurricanes, decrypting molecules, and all that other fun stuff. I've read that super computers are also even used to simulate nuclear reactions, that is just simply awesome.

The Tianhe super computer capable of insane amounts of computing
Where's the monitor? Let's play some Minesweeper
Now, apparently, this computing giant is capable of 33.86 petaflops of calculations. That's very very close to 34 trillion calculations a second. That is approximately enough to complete every math students homework... in the world. All jokes aside, the advancement of super computers is good new regardless of who creates them. Who knows, now that the U.S. is beaten out for the number one spot in terms of super computing, maybe that will be the push we need in order to start on a computer that will maybe break 100 petaflops. Although the U.S. is not supposed to be done with the next super computer until 2015, I'm still hopeful.

Is it me, or are we going backwards in terms of computers. Because in the old days super computers were humongous and needed a whole room to fit. Nowadays modern uses relegate computers to simply a small case but super computers still require giant rooms in order to function.

China is using Intel for the main processing part, as for the other parts they're mainly Chinese. See this poses a few questions for me. I don't see very many Chinese computer manufacturers. As a matter of fact, most Chinese manufacturers of anything are dedicated to making fake products of other companies. So, quality control of this super computer comes to my mind at first. But hey, I don't stereotype so I still have high hopes for this high performance Chinese super computer.

Intel powers the tianhe-2 super computer in China
Hopefully they don't have a fake Intel Processor.

China's economically growth is clearly showing with the rise of this computer. The computers main use will be for national defense as well as weather forecasting. (With a population in the billions you'd think they wouldn't need national defense).

China now holds two spots on the list of the top500 super computers, number one and number ten. The U.S. trails at two and not even closely, there's a large gap in between the computing speeds.
Worlds fastest computer by China