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The Intermission is OVER! And another tech Author!

Techometer is back with the daily Tech!

We've got Golden PCB boards now, be jealous.

Welcome Back

So after a week and a half hiatus I bet you guys were wondering what I, Ritter Gustave, was doing. I know I know I haven't written an article in a bit but I had good reason, and the good news is I'm back baby.

This Better be your face right now.

To keep a long story short, I've been actually doing some pretty strenuous exercising to keep myself in good shape. I would be absolutely exhausted after a workout but then I'd try to push myself to do more (Yeah, I'm insane). It's working though, I've built a lot of muscle and dropped an extreme amount of fat so hoorah for me. This means I'll be able to type out those articles and information to you guys much faster!

This is great news, right?! I'm excited to give you guys information about technology in the world again and I'm sure you've missed me too. We've got a new author coming on the team. His name is Ryan! He'll be specializing in technology and GAMING, exciting right? You might recognize him from the VERY first picture that was ever posted on this website, but just in case you forgot here's the picture:

Nice hat you freak.
Check out his articles, he's a pretty damn good writer and he'll also be taking you in depth in terms of games and what not!

(By the way, while I was gone I won the Intel Contest 4th Gen Processor, but more on that later.)
So thanks for hanging in there! More content will come!