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The GTX 780 TI.

GTX 780 TI Rumors are true!

It's almost like those pants don't make him look nerdy...

Well isn't this just AWESOME. A couple of weeks ago my little ear heard that the geniuses at nVidia were making the GTX 780Ti. 

"But Ritter, The nVidia series cards usually only make Ti Series cards for only the lower models of the higher tier"

Well that's a good point random reader who I just quoted. A couple of days ago I wrote about the AMD R9 series cards that were coming out. Those cards are actually pretty competitive with the series out right now from nVidia, so I believe they HAD to step it up. What better way to step up a game... by taking your best attribute and making it insane?


Insane seemed like a pretty solid choice although rendering the GTX Titan a little moot. The $700 card is an upgrade of the GTX 780, obviously you can see it has more CUDA Cores (than both the Titan and the 780) and it brags a higher memory bandwidth. Why didn't they just call it the Titan 2?

For me, it's almost mind blowing that there is a card released that actually outguns the GTX Titan in terms of what's on paper. The Titan wasn't released too long ago and we've already advanced past it. What this means in terms of gaming will be surprisingly.. not that much.

Currently games are able to be maxed out on the GTX 780 so the extra $200 you're dropping on this card will be purely diminishing return on performance. The good news is if you're a 3D modeling or an Engineer who needs a lot of raw graphics processing power then you're in luck! 

The engineers at nVidia were able to keep the TDP the same. That's definitely good news for those of you with 650W power supplies asking on forums if you have enough power ( I see who you are). So if you're pushing it and want to upgrade no worries. Let's take a look at some Benchmarks.


This is  a pretty nifty chart for multiple reasons:
-It compared the new GTX 780 TI with the new AMD Radeon R9 290X
-It uses pretty demanding games
-The resolutions are reasonable
-It has cool colors.

If you notice, though, most if not all of these Benchmarks were done in 16x AF. That's pretty impressive when also factoring the resolution these cards are displaying at. We see both cards performing extremely well in games like Assassins creed and Batman as well as Battlefield 3, but the struggle happens with the NEWER games that came out. This is where skimping out on a power supply will actually hurt you. 

We reach frames as low as 24. Fun fact, this is the frame rate threshold where images start to look like a flipbook. All things considered I'm pretty impressed with these numbers, mostly because I'm also considering the SLI/Crossfire Potential of these cards. 

Overall these benchmarks conclude that the growth of sophistication in hardware as well as software are proportional to each other. This makes me realize the very fine equilibrium we have with games.. and the hardware required to play these games. 

Hey Grandpa.... Get outta here.
If you felt the need to upgrade now is the time to do it. But it's really only worth it if you carry a 5 series graphics card or a lower end 6 series graphics card. The reason I feel upgrading is only worth it if you have a 6 series or lower is because I'm thinking in terms of gain. If you have a 670 or 680 you're in a gray area where it may or may not be worth it depending on how much gaming you're doing and what experience you want. If you're using a 5 series card the performance increase you're gaining is something around 200% and 120% if you have something in the 6 series. 

Another realization this brings to me is that 4K Gaming is still far away from being affordable. If at these resolutions the industries best cards are brought to their knees, then at 4K these in SLI will probably be just barely able to hit the 60 FPS mark. Even then needing more than one high end graphics card is going to be ridiculously pricey.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I'm glad they came out with a 780Ti, and I feel like everyone else should be... except people who bought a 780. Think about it if you had the money to buy a GTX 780 and did, then went online to see the GTX 780 be so much better... you'd be a little angry. Way to go nVidia

But if the performance is anyway to make it up to the techies, they've sure done it.

Hey... Titan...GET OUTTA HERE.