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A new short series to come: Programming Progress!

Programming Progress

Hey everyone let's just delve into it,

Programming Progress is a new series I decided I'm going to embark on to benefit people just like me who are just learning how to program. I'm going to be posting everything from my mistakes, my questions, and my successes. I have a pretty good idea about the shell of programming so far, things like; what it is, how does it work, what tasks it accomplishes, but I want to understand more.

Dat graphing calculator.
I love technology, so furthering my knowledge into the extreme basics of how it works is going to be essential for me. Not only that, but I get to share it with you guys which should be fun. An interesting note by doing this is that it will also help me learn it better. That's right, for all you students out there, memorizing facts just by memorizing them is a really bad way to go. Understanding concepts has always (at least for me) been a more effective way to study and go through school.

Anyway, this was just an introduction. I assure you the actual series will be a lot more fun and thought provoking. Till next time!

~Ritter Gustave