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iPhone 5 review, Long and thin like a model.

The iPhone 5 iPhone 5 review My-oh-my do people swear by their religious figures that Apple's iPhone is the one and only phone to...
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GTX 780 Stock and OC Review

The GTX 780 from nVidia Yeah, you're damn right the 7 series is out. You can also bet it's a freaking MONSTER. Personally I&...
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HTC One is so slim, sexy.. and thin.

HTC One I know I know, It's been out forever but it's also my dream phone! Have you guys seen it? The HTC One is so slim and awe...
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I wonder if Samsung and Apple ever take a break from suing each other.

Lawsuits Galore Who hasn't known that Apple and Samsung have been down each others throats? It's like a bloodbath in the courtroom...
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Facebook page is now up!

Facebook! Techometer is now on Facebook! So if you have a facebook page feel free to give us a like! You'll be able to see the latest po...
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Haswell, worth it for you?

Haswell, Intels latest creation.  Aren't new product launches exciting? Intel officially announced and released their "Haswell&qu...
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Genesis   Welcome to Tech-o-Meter! This is Genesis. What is this blog about? Welcome! This is tech-o-meter (Techometer), a blog dedicated...
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