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A look at the nVidia SHIELD.

nVidia shield, the handheld console The Shield! If you were at E3 with a SHIELD shirt then maybe you got one of these for free. If you were...
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An electric father's day!

Fathers day electronic sales Hooray for fathers! Hey hey hey, it's almost fathers day, and you know what they say. "Oh crap oh cra...
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Overclocking your processor

How to overclock your processor Overclocking processors Overclocking I get questions all the time like "What is overclocking?"...
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Tech Overload! (Volume 2)

A cavalcade of technology pictures  Tech Overload Here we go! The next volume of Tech Overload is ready for you guys! Go ahead, look! ...
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New Mac Pro from Apple.

Apple creates the new mac pro Apple's newest computer You know it, and I know it, Apple is circling the drain fast. Despite what y...
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4k Resolution

4K resolution, a deeper look Resolution is so under appreciated in today's technological consumer market, and many people take it f...
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