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Haswell vs Ivy and the battle of the graphics cards!

GK110 and GK104 duke it out! Don't you wish your monitor was "tri" like me. Intro With Haswell's launch being d...
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Guide: RAM, your computers short term memory.

Random Accessed Memory   What is RAM? Ram is an acronym for random(ly) access(ed) memory, a sort of computer memory that could be a...
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Three tips for successful online blogging.

Successful online blogging! Blogging and online sharing has been around for a long time now, and with advances in content management sy...
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nVidia GTX 770 too competitive for AMD?

The GTX 770 is crushing it!   Oh yes it is. Ahhh There's competition in the air between nVidia and AMD. The GTX 770 relea...
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iPhone 5s brags about new camera

iPhone 5s new camera Man that's pretty. Word is out that the iPhone 5s is coming out, and it's going to be an insane ...
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