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5 Home projects you can take up!

  5 Home Projects for fun     #1 Home brewing Home brewing is something I may actually start to try with one of my goo...
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3 Reasons my trip to MIT was awesome

I went to MIT       Well it's officially official for students everywhere, spring break is officially over. So the wild p...
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The BMW i8.

The Hybrid i8.    Some of you may know about BMW's new hybrid car the i8. Whether you've been to a recent auto show or watc...
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Intel Optane Mem storage

Intel 3D XPoint technology HDD and SSD markets be damned, Optane memory here we come. So apparently there's a new type of stor...
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iPhone 7 Rumors

iPhone 7 You could probably safely assume that the next flagship phone by apple will be the iPhone 7. Especially since traditionally ...
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Razer Black Mamba

Gaming Mouse (Black Mamba) Sleek.... So very sleek So I personally have never had a bad Razer Product. I have the Death Adder, the...
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Stretchable electronics / Flexible Conductors

Flexible Circuits / Circuit Boards It's like Gumby for electrons Recently, I've come across quite the odd finding, ...
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Virtual Technology

The Virtual world Everyone has their own idea as to what virtual reality is. Hell it's got about 5 different names let's see...
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Apple vs U.S. Government

Apple Vs Government So for those of you who don't know, Apple was recently asked by the government to create a way for them...
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The Wintergartan Music Machine!

Wintergartan Music Machine So I thought this was a cool little machine I could share with you guys. And by little I mean not very littl...
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What's happening in technology today

Technology News Update (In case you haven't heard) Vanta Black Vanta Black is a technological substance created by...
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Programming Progress (C++) Vol 1: Compilers

Vol 1: Compilers So you want to know how to Program in C++, eh? Of course you do otherwise you wouldn't be here. But of course you hav...
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