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Apple vs U.S. Government

Apple Vs Government

So for those of you who don't know, Apple was recently asked by the government to create a way for them to basically peer their fantastically nosy heads into our phones. Apple, being the company they are decided to inform the public of what's happening and ask for support. From what I know, their competitors are also supporting them in this whole debacle. (Microsoft, Intel, Ebay, etc)

Let me preface this by asking you a question. Do you trust our digital security with the U.S. Government?. 

You see, a lot of people are extremely outraged by the U.S. Governments attempt at coercing apple to make our phones more vulnerable or 'spy-able'. They have every right to be, but I can only assume there are people who also think it's for the greater good. What you don't really realize is cyber security is already really hard. It's a game of who's the better hacker and the score doesn't matter. 

Probably not how it really goes.
Cyber security is a specific task that Apple has probably dedicated a whole building, staff, and resources to just for us. What the government is asking for is to basically ask those people to undo all their work. To me it's a testament of how little the government knows about what it's asking of them. 

Why would they build... this amazingly secure system, and then make a way to totally bypass all the security so that hackers everywhere can find a way in.

I'm going to assume the government isn't that challenged, so I'd probably put it like this. Do you sleep with the backdoor to your house open? Probably not... If someone asked you to sleep with the backdoor to your house open would you do it? Again, probably not.

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.... Your phone. pretty much
A little more elaborately, If you owned an apartment complex and the government asked you to give them the keys to all of the apartments so they can spy on your customers... Would you give them the keys? I sure as hell hope not.

But I get national security, and I understand how it could make us safer. But I feel as if comprising the security for an entire product line/ company is going a little bit too far. I'd really like to know how having the information of a persons phone would increase national security.

There's really no limit to what the government can do with this "master key" into everyone's phones. As per Apple's website:

"Could Apple build this operating system just once, for this iPhone, and never use it again?

The digital world is very different from the physical world. In the physical world you can destroy something and it’s gone. But in the digital world, the technique, once created, could be used over and over again, on any number of devices.
Law enforcement agents around the country have already said they have hundreds of iPhones they want Apple to unlock if the FBI wins this case. In the physical world, it would be the equivalent of a master key, capable of opening hundreds of millions of locks. Of course, Apple would do our best to protect that key, but in a world where all of our data is under constant threat, it would be relentlessly attacked by hackers and cybercriminals. As recent attacks on the IRS systems and countless other data breaches have shown, no one is immune to cyberattacks.
Again, we strongly believe the only way to guarantee that such a powerful tool isn’t abused and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands is to never create it." Apple

Creating a hole in your security is also inviting for other people to find and exploit this vulnerability. It's just not a good idea, so why even try it?

If the government is allowed to do this, then where does it stop? They'll just keep digging and calling it "for the sake of national security". It's a very scary and very real possibility.