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The BMW i8.

The Hybrid i8. 

 Some of you may know about BMW's new hybrid car the i8. Whether you've been to a recent auto show or watch Top Gear (which I love) you know that this car is a good one. The car is beautiful, it looks good, it has curves in all the right places, it's low to the ground, and it's got that classic BMW front grille looking right at you so you know exactly where it came from. But not everyone agrees with me, of course people have their own taste in cars and I respect that. But they're wrong.

A little spiel.
Here, It came from here.

See I like hybrid cars because as a society we are in that transitioning phase. let me explain, let me guide you through this. People don't like to quit smoking cold turkey. So they buy Nicorette, or start vaping. They take that intermediary step in order to build up to their final goal. This is not uncommon, no one starts at being the best. Usually we'll all work towards being better. Now, coming back to my point in a fashion that brings the hammer down: we're running out of petrol. A good way to keep gas prices competitive is to have competing energy sources. Simply put, I believe this is our transitioning phase. This is our intermediary step before we don't have a choice but to go full electric. I bet mother nature will be thanking us for this too.

By all means I love the sound of a nice V12 Lamborghini passing by every now and then. And I've been grateful enough to be in California in which this is not that uncommon of an occurrence,  but we've also become a little blind about the impact/consequences of it all.

Let's get back to the good stuff, Specifications.

MSRP:          From $140,700
Horsepower: 357 hp
Range:          15 mi battery-only
Battery charge time: 3.5h at 110V, 1.5h at 220V
Engine:         1.5 L 3-cylinder

 The beautiful i8 has a hybrid drive train containing a modest 231 horsepower 1.5 liter three cylinder engine driving the rear wheels, and a 131 horsepower electric motor driving the front axle. Obviously combined that's 362 horsepower which comes coupled with 420lb-ft of torque. Now-a-days everyone is used to hearing the insane horsepower coming off the line for a new car. Lamborghini with 600+ the new Hellcat with 700+. But the average person doesn't really know WHAT horsepower is or how torque is also important in acceleration. This isn't the section for learning that stuff, but let me tell you this car with those numbers will put one hell of a fight if squared off with a Ferrari/Mclaren/Porsche/Mercedes/ (BMW M). 

So what we have shown here is a 15 mi range using battery only. However that gas engine will charge that battery so no need to worry on that front. It is a remarkable gross capacity of 7.1kWh battery, with a charge time of 2.5 hours @ 3.7kW/ 12A and 2 hours @ 16A. (A for Amperage which is the measure of electric current). 

Range and charge time

Electric range in km 37*
Customer-orientated range in km up to 30
Maximum total range in km** 440
Gross capacity of lithium-ion battery in kWh 7.1
Charging time of high-voltage battery in h at 3.7 kW/12 A (80 %) 2.5
Charging time of high-voltage battery in h at 16 A (Wallbox) (80 %) 2

Interior of the i8.

Ever been inside an alien spacecraft? This is probably the closest you'll get (Aside from some of the higher end luxury Audi's of course). It feels a bit overdone, but almost guaranteed customization will be something offered. I like how they haven't swayed away from their traditional pedals. Those pedals right there look like the ones in my 525i and let me tell you they're pretty darn satisfying to push down on.

At first glance the interior looks very driver oriented. You can tell the GPS is not at a neutral angle it's slanted more towards the driver for comfortability. It's a new car but you can tell they didn't sacrifice who they were as a company in terms of looks.

Oh, and just in case you didn't believe me about the power and number and such, as usual, here's a video: