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3 Reasons my trip to MIT was awesome

I went to MIT



  Well it's officially official for students everywhere, spring break is officially over. So the wild parties and debauchery end pretty much now (for me at least). But I'll let you into what I was doing during my hiatus.

Yeah I visited MIT. I would've visited Harvard too but my partner in crime was suffering from a knee injury and I didn't want her to be in too much pain. But out of the two I honestly would've rather visited MIT anyway (an engineers paradise, right?). 

It wasn't too long of a visit, but boy was I mystified when I was on campus.

 #1 The campus is phenomenal

When I first entered the campus I thought my normal thought that I usually think when I enter a private university.

"This is probably going to be a pretty small school campus"

Hear me out, this thought is justified because usually private universities have a lower capacity for students which allows them to require less space. MIT however is huge. That picture to the right with the pretty girl is just half of the quad next to the engineering laboratories. Also when we visited there was a crane on top of that building so I can only assume they're building even more... or remodeling.

It makes sense though, a very highly sought after research institution needs space for expensive equipment / laboratory / engineer playground.

While I was walking through the hallway I got that old school hallway type of feeling. There was definitely a presence of history there. Also classrooms had that really old school door with window and blinds type of deal. (Think cartoons with the main character being sent to the principals office type door)

The campus was quite large and in the best way possible. It was organized in such a way that wouldn't be such a hassle to jump for class to class either which was smart, but then again this is MIT so it's kind of expected.
Just in case you didn't believe me about the enormity.

#2 Nerd Humor

Measurements are important, and no one understands that better than scientists. But let me preface this with a story. My girlfriend and I parked near the prudential center in Boston with full intention of walking to MIT (Which wasn't too far away). So we got to the bridge and Lindsay and I saw markings written on the bridge that connects MIT to where we parked. Obviously first thing that comes to our heads is 'Oh that's probably a measure of distance' and we were right.

Well, Sort of?

See what we saw wasn't an SI unit of measurement (a standardized unit of measurement). It just said Smoot, and we wondered.... "The hell is a smoot?". So of course now that we live in a smart phone age I went and figured it out. Apparently it's an ongoing joke by a frat at the University, they measured the distance across the bridge in units of their frat brothers height.

And by ongoing I mean it's been there for a long while.

#3 Student Involvement

The amount of effort the students put into doing what they love and studying what they love is pretty refreshing. I believe I went there on spring break and their bulletin board looked something really similar to this

Now that is one busy bulletin board. I took a closer look at it and saw tons of opportunities for students to go out and get involved in the community, projects, business ventures, internships, and the likes.

On top of that, during my visits I saw plenty of students relaxing and taking time off. I think I saw a juggling club of some sort in the main hallway, regardless it was pretty cool.

They also have a newspaper called The Tech which is pretty appropriate considering the school. The school is like a miniature town. If you're a prospective student you should definitely go, especially if you know your major will be in a highly scientific field.

What a welcome headline though. Hah.
Snagged this beauty too.