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iPhone 7

You could probably safely assume that the next flagship phone by apple will be the iPhone 7. Especially since traditionally they like going with a number and then add an S to that number then whatever the next number is, BAM, there's your next gen. Now I have an iPhone 6 and it's doing the job well, and I usually switch every other generation so right now I'm trying to find out what's new about the iPhone 7, I'll be updating this article every chance I get so while it may start off small, it will grow with every update I receive.


What it's looking like to me is the iPhone 7 will be slimmer than it's older generations. Partly due to the fact that the screen will be a new screen technology. Furthermore it looks like the antenna bands will be going around the edges instead of straight across the back panel.

What's more, Apple seems to be rumored to be getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack in exchange or a lightning port. Seeing as how we're moving closer and closer to better wireless headphones through bluetooth technology this doesn't seem like too much of a stretch. I will update you as soon as I see anymore information!