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Razer Black Mamba

Gaming Mouse (Black Mamba)

Sleek.... So very sleek
So I personally have never had a bad Razer Product. I have the Death Adder, the Chroma Kraken 7.1, and the Black Widow ultimate. So a good portion of my peripherals are from Razer. My death adder is extra sentimental because it was a gift from a close friend. But with this new Black Mamba I don't know if I may make the switch.

If you're just a regular office goer, or casual gamer than this mouse probably isn't for you. An argument could be made that you may want a more comfortable mouse which then I can understand why you'd delve into this Razer product, but you also have to keep in mind that if you're just looking for comfort paying around $100 USD is pretty steep.

Taste the rainbow

One of the many features that this mouse is touting around is the 16,000 DPI sensor. This makes the movement on your track pad incredibly accurate. This is especially great for games that require a high degree of accuracy such as shooting games. 

Apparently it's able to track 1 DPI increments. So for my gaming nerds out there who have played Skyrim, do you remember picking those locks in that game? Can you imagine the degree of accuracy of lock picking you'd be able to do with this thing? 


So, what else besides the 16,000 DPI sensor with 1 DPI increment sensing and a lift-off cut-off of 1mm?

It's got a sweet feature that allows you to vary click force

As if you were sitting on your computer just thinking to yourself "Damn I wish I had to put in less/more effort into my click". This customization is crazy! But crazy good. Everyone is different, I guarantee someone reading this article write now clicks with the force of 1,000 suns. Meanwhile I sit here with the preference of almost no effort to click. And Razer is accounting for people being different which is fantastic, Kudos to them.

Let me explain. If you bought a mouse and I bought that same mouse, but we have different click preferences, then one of us is disappointed. Unless we both get the Black Mamba, Then it doesn't matter what our click preference is we can set it to our respective preference.

See, they're taking care of everyone they made their mouse versatile and that's brilliant.

The Lighting is neat

I'm not going to gob too much about the lighting. By now if you haven't seen the lighting then you probably don't know what Razer is. But it is pretty, and of course you have lighting options as you do for any of their other chroma devices. 

The color scheme is even more customizable you've got options upon options. A breathing options allows the mouse to pulse with its light, A reactive option allows the lighting to be dependent upon movement of the mouse, Spectrum lighting cycles through the colors. You get virtually no limits on lighting customization which is pretty good if you're a streamer and want to look stylish.

The mouse can go wired or wireless

I'll just come out with it right away. The wireless latency of this mouse is about 1ms. that's absolutely fantastic latency for a mouse. Even more necessary when you consider the application for this mouse and who is going to be using it. No one likes high latency. Find me someone who woke up this morning and said "I love high latency" and I'll give you a dollar (but probably not). 

Having a wired mouse never bothered me, sometimes if I'm stretched for length it really sucks to deal with but there's always a way to add slack to it. But now with the Black mamba you don't need to worry about tugging on the mouse cord, here derp wireless to the rescue. 

Interested in finding out a little more? Check it out:

Keep in mind that this mouse at the cheapest I've seen so far is about $120. If I had to suggest a retailer I'd recommend newegg of course, or if you have a Fry's Electronics near you that'd be great too. It may be expensive but if you use it correctly it's worth it.