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Technology News Update (In case you haven't heard)

Vanta Black

Vanta Black is a technological substance created by many carbon nanotubes. It currently is the blackest substance available, absorbing 99.965% of radiation in the visible light spectrum. This thing is actually pretty cool to look at. It's so incredibly just.... dark. I mean, go ahead and grab the darkest thing you have laying around and just put it up to that thing. I believe, and you may even agree with me, that this thing is darker than our computer screen when it is off. Now I don't know about you but when I was a kid I thought that was the definition of black.

Applications for Vanta Black include anything which requires the absorption of light and conversion of it into heat. Just a couple off my head would be Solar Energy technology, heating insulation systems maybe, well heating anything really. Realistically though I've got to speculate that Vanta is premo-expensive. The last time I checked the company that made the substance wasn't even giving a price on it. Bizzare.

nVidia's Pascal GPU architecture

Nvidia Pascal Test Vehicle With 2.5D Stacked HBM
Alright nerds, this GPU is supposed to rock the house with all the new features. I might as well list what's new and then talk about it:

  1. 4x mixed precision performance 2x performance per watt 2.7x memory capacity 3x bandwidth of maxwell.
  2. Features high bandwidth memory (HBM)
  3. NV-Link technology
  4. half precision FP16 compute but twice the rate of full precision FP32 compute
  5. 16nm

So obviously multiplying the specs of the previous generation of graphics cards is good. You don't see people buying newer model cars with LESS horsepower or mpg, so good start there. High Bandwidth Memory is good for energy consumption problems, and more performance. What I like here though is the Nv-Link technology which allows the GPU's to directly communicate with each other instead of going through the bus. Furthermore, they can communicate with this CPU with this technology which allows better memory communication. 

I love buying graphics cards, I really do. I just got myself a GTX 980Ti so I probably won't be buying a pascal anytime soon. But when I do oh man will my girlfriend here me squeal.

Tesla Model E

The Tesla model E is the new model targeted towards being a more affordable electric car.

But of course with the cheaper price tag means the quality must go down, right? Well maybe just a little bit. Apparently the new price can be attributed to Tesla's Gigafactory which will reduce the manufacturing cost of batteries. Personally I just hope the new car looks as great as the old ones. Being 20% smaller it has to look at least 10,000% sleeker (don't quote me on that). 

This car will be competing with the Audi A4 and BMW 3 series compact cars. What a competition it will be.

These are just some of the items that are out/coming out. I'll update you on more to come!